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The tables below show achievement for pupils taking GCSEs, regardless of their age, and progress pupils have made between age 11 and by the end of Key Stage 4. See also A-Level results.

Secondary School Performance 2013 (Key Stage 4)

School Pupils 5+ A*-C (Eng & maths) English Bacc Average score
Holland Park School131287%43%394.5
Raine's Foundation School76253%7%384.2
The Swaminarayan School51498%88%420.4
Harris Academy Bermondsey92369%9%381.4
St Paul's School13350%0%460.2
The Henrietta Barnett School71098%61%452.4
City of London School for Girls718100%68%461.3
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls142865%28%363.6
City of London Academy (Southwark)112966%21%361.6
Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools36285%62%412.9
Channing School71499%36%433.9
Southfields Academy138062%5%373.3
Islamia Girls' High School155100%78%414.3
Chiswick School127267%35%369.2
St Michael's Catholic College75485%50%370.9
King's College School12950%0%454.5
Putney High School91899%78%446.6
Chestnut Grove School91273%38%372.9
Hampstead School128163%30%350.1
Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle387797%53%450.3
Bishop Douglass School Finchley77956%16%357.4
Ashcroft Technology Academy125967%42%354.8
Streatham and Clapham High School58796%78%413.8
St Michael and All Angels CofE Academy10070%16%356.8
The Charter School113472%35%378.9
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School95392%74%403.8
Ricards Lodge High School126468%46%379.3
The Grey Coat Hospital104486%63%387.3
Alleyn's School122799%0%438.6
The London Oratory School133487%68%397.8
Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat Church of England Secondary School167582%50%372.5
Burntwood School173164%43%360.2
Sacred Heart High School81691%57%399.0
The St Marylebone CofE School107291%68%394.6
Saint Thomas More Language College61573%21%374.4
Dunraven School120975%44%362.7
St Augustine's Priory45295%49%409.5
The Harrodian School98099%72%407.4
University College School1111100%34%442.3
Notting Hill and Ealing High School87699%83%443.4
Westminster City School72164%19%352.6
London Jewish Girls' High School1330%0%396.2
St Benedict's School109089%0%401.3
Hasmonean High School100991%62%399.2
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Secondary School75490%58%365.3
Fulham Cross Girls' School and Language College62170%30%373.8
Emanuel School74699%0%400.2
St Paul's Girls' School7420%0%460.7
Fulham College Boys' School40559%8%391.0
St James Senior Girls School32795%32%414.0
Hendon School123779%43%364.6
Brondesbury College London115100%73%398.7
St Margaret's School15692%67%405.8
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School81064%25%340.6
Paddington Academy119576%22%379.1
Twyford Church of England High School143277%51%363.4
Saint Cecilia's, Wandsworth Church of England School91966%35%355.8
Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate Girls School94379%19%376.4
Westminster Academy99269%24%369.0
Ernest Bevin College125856%27%357.5
King Alfred School60896%73%393.0
James Allen's Girls' School11010%0%441.5
Highbury Grove School111464%14%356.6
Westminster School7450%0%439.9
Lady Margaret School72581%46%388.0
Swanlea School122664%22%347.6
The Godolphin and Latymer School7580%0%433.6
Mulberry School for Girls140273%47%361.9
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School92678%23%362.8
Burlington Danes Academy101477%37%351.8
South Hampstead High School8840%0%431.1
Holloway School77546%11%342.7
St Aloysius RC College99970%38%350.6
Saint Gabriel's College35751%14%353.4
Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College103463%36%358.0
La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School122077%45%367.0
Mossbourne Community Academy135084%57%365.8
Parliament Hill School125068%35%350.6
Lilian Baylis Technology School72661%15%334.9
St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School77578%41%370.7
Fortismere School165780%52%374.2
Highgate Wood Secondary School142268%22%362.9
Thames Christian College12060%10%379.7
Clapton Girls' Academy106670%43%356.9
London East Academy14893%0%364.6
Queen's Gate School48987%17%389.2
City of London Academy - Islington68860%23%349.3
Harris Academy Peckham86658%14%337.4
Islington Arts and Media School58863%18%334.0
Maria Fidelis Roman Catholic Convent School FCJ67361%25%355.4
St Martin in the Fields High School for Girls86963%18%343.2
North Bridge House Senior School27989%59%394.0
The Petchey Academy101966%17%329.8
Regent High School81945%5%330.8
The Elmgreen School97567%31%345.5
Our Lady's Convent Roman Catholic High School74747%40%349.7
ARK Putney Academy48158%12%351.6
The Camden School for Girls101281%50%375.0
Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School30868%59%366.8
The Bridge Academy98361%30%337.8
Hurlingham and Chelsea Secondary School58642%16%321.5
Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls' School62849%37%341.2
Tayyibah Girls' School23081%58%397.2
City of London School9220%0%417.4
Highbury Fields School73568%34%359.3
Hornsey School for Girls110563%27%355.9
Lambeth Academy103064%20%342.8
Francis Holland School4480%0%420.6
Richmond Park Academy50462%17%341.5
St George's Catholic School65265%28%328.4
Brentford School for Girls90672%36%358.1
Central Foundation Boys' School89482%23%351.3
Preston Manor School177167%40%351.2
Menorah High School19381%62%366.3
Oaklands School75268%32%352.4
Whitefield School77355%13%333.2
Sion-Manning RC Girls' School55072%23%334.4
Latymer Upper School12950%0%416.8
Pimlico Academy120269%31%341.3
Highgate School14820%0%409.7
Morpeth School144273%25%336.6
Francis Holland School4570%0%390.6
Park View108056%16%330.5
The Crest Girls Academy80756%23%331.7
Platanos College98775%16%330.5
Mount Carmel RC Technology College for Girls54964%14%335.3
St Augustine's CofE High School84756%22%325.6
Queens Park Community School119651%15%335.1
Madani Secondary Girls' School27461%37%337.9
Tawhid Boys School, Tawhid Educational Trust11267%27%351.8
Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College86767%21%327.0
Alperton Community School140344%20%318.9
St Mary's CofE High School52348%12%319.9
More House School19268%39%347.9
Saint John Bosco College52255%16%334.1
Acton High School128944%12%320.9
Archbishop Tenison's School52557%1%332.0
The Sylvia Young Theatre School24770%7%372.3
St Mary Magdalene Academy114466%28%341.3
Quintin Kynaston School136654%26%337.8
The Royal Ballet School21862%4%349.5
Battersea Park School78050%11%315.6
Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form142667%36%345.2
Greig City Academy114551%16%330.0
William Ellis School86745%35%327.3
Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate Boys School57564%11%328.3
ARK Globe Academy120652%15%324.8
Queen's College London5150%0%385.4
The Urswick School - A Church of England Secondary School76658%30%332.7
London Nautical School67459%24%317.6
Bacon's College106966%23%324.2
The St Thomas the Apostle College67473%40%334.2
Christ's College Finchley92151%27%333.7
Acland Burghley School123557%30%321.7
The Crest Boys' Academy60540%6%297.5
Ayesha Community School29952%19%321.0
St Paul's Way Trust School91761%12%319.6
Portland Place School38665%11%335.3
Bethnal Green Academy81474%14%328.0
Capital City Academy118944%15%322.0
London Islamic School13161%0%331.8
Walworth Academy104157%10%306.6
Arts Educational School20867%0%341.0
Haggerston School93747%16%302.4
Ashbourne Independent School20985%8%356.5
Haverstock School120058%3%312.3
Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts25359%0%337.7
Copland Community School122043%17%292.2
Beth Jacob Grammar School for Girls25361%2%331.8
Ibstock Place School9470%0%352.8
Newman Catholic College55245%14%289.5
Lubavitch House School (Senior Girls)10467%11%332.1
Tabernacle School4457%29%295.0
Evelyn Grace Academy80858%19%307.8
Al-Muntada Islamic School23255%0%294.4
Phoenix High School100038%11%296.8
Darul Hadis Latifiah17841%0%305.3
Barbara Speake Stage School10321%0%304.5
Beis Malka Girls' School49178%0%324.4
Ealing Independent College9663%0%315.3
Newlands School450%0%263.7
Chelsea Independent College1700%0%283.1
Fine Arts College13356%0%280.2
Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School57168%0%286.5
Mander Portman Woodward School5540%0%269.3
Duff Miller College30029%0%261.7
Mazahirul Uloom School10329%9%236.5
Marathon Science School850%0%263.2
The Moat School7925%0%238.7
Bales College8038%14%218.2
Ebrahim Academy6150%25%234.3
Pardes House Grammar School20039%0%227.1
Lansdowne College27539%10%197.0
Centre Academy London4618%0%188.6
Brampton College25063%0%188.4
King Fahad Academy37734%12%178.6
Stormont House School980%0%169.2
Oak Lodge School930%0%168.3
Woodlane High School915%0%159.3
Davies Laing and Dick College3278%0%154.4
David Game College27818%0%146.0
Blanche Nevile School718%0%140.6
College Park School950%0%134.1
Elm Court School740%0%129.2
Woodfield School1340%0%99.7
Jamiatul Ummah School17817%7%94.6
Beis Trana Girls' School00%0%92.0
Lansdowne School990%0%91.1
Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School14360%0%92.3
Garratt Park School1730%0%88.6
Yesodey Hatorah School6450%0%89.9
North West London Independent Special School410%0%78.6
Cambridge School760%0%72.5
Cavendish School280%0%69.6
Swiss Cottage School - Development & Research Centre2340%0%68.8
Turney Primary and Secondary Special School1210%0%64.8
Highshore School1000%0%64.8
Chalcot School280%0%64.0
Samuel Rhodes MLD School890%0%58.2
Parayhouse School470%0%46.3
Wentworth Tutorial College618%0%41.2
Nightingale School800%0%40.7
Cats College London2670%0%39.6
Beatrice Tate School620%0%8.3
Spa School880%0%2.3
Paddock School1400%0%1.2
The Garden School640%0%1.7
Richard Cloudesley PH School69SUPPSUPPSUPP
Ark Academy872
The UCL Academy298
Treehouse School87NENENE
City Heights E-ACT AcademyNEW
Hackney University Technical College77
The St Marylebone Church of England Bridge SchoolNEW
Stem AcademyNEW
Hackney New SchoolNEW
Jack Tizard School66SUPPSUPPSUPP
Linden Lodge School144NENENE
Wapping High School36
Chelsea Academy840
The Abbey College In London76SUPPSUPPSUPP
Skinners' Academy666
Compass School SouthwarkNEW
Islamia Girls' High School31SUPPSUPPSUPP
King Solomon Academy668
Oasis Academy South BankNEW
Tuke School67NENENE
Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich608
The Michael Tippett School61NENENE
PPP Community School58NENENE
The Archer AcademyNEW
The Bridge School166NENENE
Mapledown School65SUPPSUPPSUPP
Heartlands High School510
ARK All Saints AcademyNEW
Ickburgh School68SUPPSUPPSUPP
Unity Girls High School28NENENE
West London Free School241
Kisharon Day School35SUPPSUPPSUPP
Hammersmith Academy447
Young Dancers Academy39SUPPSUPPSUPP
The City Academy, Hackney727
The Priory Lodge School19SUPPSUPPSUPP
Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School56SUPPSUPPSUPP


  • Pupils: the number of pupils at the school
  • 5 A*–C: the percentage of pupils gaining five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C including English and maths
  • English Bacc: Percentage of pupils achieving the Government's new English Baccalaureate. This is awarded to teenagers who achieve GCSEs in English, maths, a science, a foreign language and a humanity, such as history or geography, at grade C or above.
  • Average score: The average points score for all eligible pupils based on writing teacher assessment and reading and maths test results
  • ; or NA or @ or NP or LT11: no information supplied by the Department for Education
  • Please note: Independent schools score zero (or very low scores) if they enter all or most pupils for alternative qualifications, some of which have not been fully accredited by the Government.
  • SUPP: Fewer than 6 pupils were included in the calculation. Results are not shown because of the risk of an individual pupil’s results being identified. If one progress measure is suppressed for this reason, the other will also be suppressed.
  • LOWCOV: Indicates that a school’s VA measures have been suppressed because coverage is less than 50% of the cohort.

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14


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